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To Die Upon The Hand I Love

by This Heals Nothing

Dear Brother 03:02
"Dear Brother, can you see my tears? Oh they´re running across my cheeks and drip onto my shirt. Oh, I drifted away. Now I need your help because all the friends I had, have never contacted me again. As if everything was different since the cancer robs me of my time. No I don´t want to cry because i´m a strong guy! I´m just sad about the people who left me down on the floor!" you said. "So, how far can you read all my thoughts? Can you see all the scars they have left in my soul? Please show me how I can repress all the memories of the good and beautiful times. So the current is tollerable! how deep can you see into my head? Can you see all the scars they have left in my soul? Please show me how I can repress all the memories we share." let us prove once again show the whole world how to stay where we arrive and build a habor, every ship´s got its own story. What do we need more time for? If we have everything we need? So cheer up brother I´m here for you. Main thing is, that you´re alright!
Wreckage 03:52
I took a breath of the cold fresh air, decisions had been made, made without a choice. This conflict can´t be solved, it lies deep down there anchored in my skin. and you´ve predicted something "we won´t get far with it, in fact, you have been right" I believed in your loyalty, why did you take the best part of me? To recover from you was not easy. But this is just for me! So I can cry, so I can dance, so I can shout out of joy, because I have survived despite grief and pain. And I´m not yet at the end, I know. So I can stop drinking to be again how I once was. Why do I feel so empty after all? Although I know that we lacked a foundation I try to get up and leave the wreckage of the ship that we called ours. All the time we lay side by side no dream, no thought remained until now, and from this - I understand existance is impermanent. I hope there's more to come up, at least my death will show.
For Escape 04:44
And now I'm sitting right here at the kitchen table. I smoke, I drink and displace what I feel. What´s my dinner tonight? I had beer for breakfast. My stomach hurts too much to get something down. Ok, for supper, there is wine. The picture blurs in front of my eyes. I am plagued by thoughts about myself. I do not see the path I've chosen. Do not know how to conduct myself. Maybe thought too far ahead and miss what lies one meter distant. Confused by pictures in my head. I wish I could see my way clearly. I'm so lost. There is so much going on around me. I attribute everything with fluctuating values only and cold-shoulder everyone because I fear that one day I may not be able just to turn around and clear the mess and all the sadness I have caused. I took a cup to much. Abandoned the one who gave me support and denied her importance to me. Didn't I already lose what I found? What you want to achieve in your life. Are these narrow paths to take? The melancholy waters lie. A matter of giving up or suvive. A web of self-doubts and remedies. Whereon I don't know how to walk. Can't hold the balance because I'm drunk again. Every step I take is one step back. Trying to escape the strings to catch my foot. Just like I glom on to my memories, I'm still attatched to someone coming home with whom I can talk. Someone, who unties the strings and tells everything is alright. I hope that someone comes home, with whom I can talk, or at least to fill up the empty glass in front of me For escape. For escape. the melancholy waters lie. the melancholy waters lie. For escape.
Porcelain 03:35
The house of cards It has collapsed It was my backbone, back then Every Jack a good friend each queen my girl You cannot stay Because it hurts You can not write Because I bleed I cannot stay because you're hurting me I cannot write, because it would be about you Excuse me, my friend, we are done! Your betrayal was the reason for the gun. To blow the ghosts out of my thoughts, and to remember what is right and what is wrong. You distracted me, you definitely did. And you´re really asking if I'm mad? Well, there is nothing you can change. You had the choice. Why did you choose to make me sick? You made me sick! A friend no more Can't believe that you have ruined her Can you tell? Why you still think I'ld ever say: "It's okay. I am fine. Let us wait for better times!" Are you mad? You look ill trying to ask: "Will you leave?" I promise I will! We´re parting ways through broken porcelain Soon we both are starting to refrain from looking back. Beneath there lies my house of cards, buried with my wish to die upon the hand I love. Don't you dare to stick your treacherous hands towards me. Maybe some day I will forgive but not forget because what you give is what you get.


released June 3, 2016


all rights reserved



This Heals Nothing Bochum, Germany

This Heals Nothing is a german post-hardcore band from DE, Bochum.

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