The house of cards
It has collapsed
It was my backbone, back then
Every Jack
a good friend
each queen my girl
You cannot stay
Because it hurts
You can not write
Because I bleed
I cannot stay
because you're hurting me
I cannot write,
because it would be about you
Excuse me, my friend, we are done!
Your betrayal was the reason for the gun.
To blow the ghosts out of my thoughts,
and to remember what is right and what is wrong.
You distracted me, you definitely did.
And you´re really asking if I'm mad?
Well, there is nothing you can change.
You had the choice. Why did you choose to make me sick?
You made me sick!
A friend no more
Can't believe that you have ruined her
Can you tell?
Why you still think I'ld ever say:
"It's okay. I am fine. Let us wait for better times!"
Are you mad? You look ill trying to ask:
"Will you leave?" I promise I will!
We´re parting ways through broken porcelain
Soon we both are starting to refrain
from looking back.
Beneath there lies my house of cards,
buried with my wish to die upon the hand I love.
Don't you dare to stick
your treacherous hands
towards me.
Maybe some day I will forgive
but not forget
because what you give is what you get.


from To Die Upon The Hand I Love, released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


This Heals Nothing Bochum, Germany

This Heals Nothing is a german post-hardcore band from DE, Bochum. The current members formed the band in 2015. Shortly before, vocalist Paul Boos was working on songs. With the addition of four musicians the project evolved into a compositional collaboration. Since midyear 2015 the band has been working on its debut release.
The EP, TO DIE UPON THE HAND I LOVE, will be released 2016.
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